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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nan Rossiter grew up in Pelham, New York. Some of her earliest memories include riding a green Stingray bicycle—complete with banana seat and sissy bar—to the Pelham Library—a tiny, cave-like space tucked beneath Hutchinson Elementary School. It was from the shelves of this library that Nan first discovered the magic of books. Some of her favorite characters were Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Laura Ingalls,  and Harriet the Spy.
Nan later moved with her parents to a quiet country road in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. She graduated from Northwestern Regional 7 High School and went on to the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating in 1986 with a degree in illustration. After freelancing for several years, Nan began writing and illustrating books for children, including RUGBY & ROSIE, winner of Nebraska’s Golden Sower Award, and more recently, THE FO'C'SLE: Henry Beston’s Outermost House.
Nan and her husband are the parents of two handsome sons who have, in the blink of an eye, grown up and struck out on life journeys of their own, both pursuing careers in aviation. Nan is also a member of P.E.O. International and she hopes her P.E.O. sisters—and other new readers—will find that her books always include the threads of family and faith​.

In recent years, Nan has turned her attention to writing contemporary fiction. Her books have been highly acclaimed by reviewers from Publisher’s Weekly to Booklist. Her seventh novel, SUMMER DANCE was the 2018 winner of the Nancy Pearl Book Award, and her newest novel, PROMISES TO KEEP, will be released by Harper Perennial in April, 2021. 

Nan continues to live on a quiet country road in Connecticut with her amazingly supportive husband and a noble black Lab named Finn who diligently watches her every move and can be roused from a nap in a distant room by the sound of a banana being peeled or a cookie crumb hitting the floor. Finn also finds writing to be a humdrum pastime and makes sure Nan doesn’t spend too much time doing it, insisting on two long walks a day, no matter what the weather.