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"Loosely connected to Rossiter’s
previous novels, this tale is 
peopled with wonderfully 
intriguing characters, both two-
and four-legged. The story 
within a story is moving: quite 
emotional with much sadness,
but there’s also joy. This truly inspirational tear-jerker will be remembered long after the last page."

- RT Book Reviews Magazine, 4.5 stars, Top Pick


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"This captivating and emotional 
novel tells a heartwarming story 
about love lost and found, family secrets and a lot of truth. The author's true grit and honesty is a real eye-opener, and readers will enjoy the different time frames of flashbacks and future casts between the siblings and how they have grown. When tragedy strikes, we're not quite sure what happens in between; it takes more than several factors to digest everything. But, the four very different sisters are now well past their 50s, and it's amazing that their memories remain, as if the good ol' days in Cape Cod just happened yesterday. This is the perfect book club pick."

- RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars
Coming May 30, 2017...