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Children's Books

Rugby & Rosie

25th Anniversary Edition

A Heartwarming Story of Companionship and Sacrifice - This is the story of two dogs and a young lad.


Rugby is the family Labrador, best companion of a young boy who lives in the country. Rosie is introduced to them as a young pup, irrepressibly happy to play all day with her two new companions. Rugby is a hard sell, ignoring the pup who barks...

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Henry Beston's Outermost House

Most adults know, and many have read, Henry Beston's beloved account of the year he spent in a shack high on a dune overlooking the thundering surf of the Atlantic. Here, on the outer forearm of Cape Cod, looking uninterrupted due east to Portugal, he made a life in a 16 x 20' shack, simply furnished with a kitchen, a bed, a chest of drawers, a writing table, and a few chairs.

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Sugar on Snow

Children's Book (2011)

Sometime in early march, the cry of "Sap's Rising" can be heard in rural New England. In this lovely picture book, a father, his two sons, and one dog rise (very early) to the occasion and set off at dawn to the sugar bush to begin the process. Rossiter paints the action so that it is both personal and factual; we see the entire family involved - Mom...

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The Way Home

Children's Book (1999)

When Samuel and his father find an injured Canada goose and her loyal mate near their farm, they know they must help the birds. The geese quickly become part of the barnyard routine, and Samuel grows to love them both. By the time the injured female and her mate finally fly.


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Rugby & Rosie

Children's Book (1997)

Rugby, the family's beloved Labrador retriever, finds himself unhappy with the new house guest, Rosie, a puppy brought home to be trained as a guide dog, but they soon become the closest of friends, until she has to leave to do the important work for which she is trained. 

Winner of Nebraska's 1999 Golden Sower Award!

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